Friday, 27 May 2011


The destination of 3 Titles will be decided this Sunday in League Finals Day in Whitehead GRSC. The Carrick & District Pool League 3 A Sides, Doubles and Individual winners will all be known by close of play on 29th May. Play starts at 12:30pm.

FINALS DAY Sunday 29th May 2011, Whitehead

1st - League 3 A Sides Final (best of 9)
McDowell, McWhirter, English, Hawkins (Spartans) V McClean, SCarson, Whiteside (Rockers), JThompson (Scorpions)

2nd - League Doubles Semi Finals and Final (best of 7)
Arbuthnot/Butler (Rockers) V Montgomery Sr/Howard (Scorpions)
CCarson/SCarson (Rockers) V English/McWhirter (Spartans)

3rd - League Individual (best of 11)
McDowell (Spartans) V Hawkins (Spartans)