Tuesday, 19 March 2019

League 2019 Seniors Individual

Tuesday 19th March

Robert Hawkins 2-4 Andy McMeekin 
Paul Kerr 1-4 Darren Whiteside 
Paul Harris 2-4 Marty Goudie 
John Holland 0-4 Rab Butler

Andy McMeekin 4-5 Darren Whiteside
Marty Goudie 3-5 Rab Butler

FINAL (Times Bar, Race to 6, Date TBC)
Darren Whiteside V Rab Butler

In the photo - 2018 Winner, Andy McMeekin

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

League Individuals -Stage 2

The next two Rounds of the League Individuals sponsored by Times Bar will take place on Tuesday 12th March. Each of the eight venues will play down to a table winner to leave eight players to contest the Quarter Finals on Tuesday 26th March.  All matches races to 4. Draw as follows -

Eastway, Rathcoole
7.45pm - Robert Henderson 3-4 Craig Laughin
8.45pm - Jean McIlroy w/o Johnny Mackay
Table Final
Craig Laughlin 2-4 Johnny Mackay

Greenisland WMSC, Table 2
7.45pm - Steven Carson w/o Mick Wilson
8.45pm - Tyler McKee 2-4 Kenny English
Table Final
Steven Carson 4-1 Kenny English

Times Bar, Belfast
7.45pm - Ryan Barry w/o Gary Wallace
8.45pm - Paul Roberts 4-0 Harry Warwick
Table Final
Gary Wallace 4-0 Paul Roberts

Monkstown SC
7.45pm - Dave Allen w/o Trevor Whiteside
8.45pm - Thomas Kidd 1-4 Alan Johnston
Table Final
Alan Johnston 4-0 Trevor Whiteside

Whitehead GRSC, Table 1
7.45pm - Rab Butler 2-4 Ed McDowell
8.45pm - Darren Whiteside w/o Thomas Fleming
Table Final
Darren Whiteside 4-3 Ed McDowell

Greenisland WMSC, Table 1
7.45pm - Aaron Watters 3-4 Aaron Leslie
8.45pm - Aaron Rolston 4-2 Joe Patton
Table Final
Aaron Leslie 2-4 Aaron Rolston

McConnells Bar, Doagh
7.45pm - Colin Beckinsale w/o Kyle Kirkwood
8.45pm - John Holland 4-2 Chris Strain
Table Final
Kyle Kirkwood 4-0 John Holland

Whitehead GRSC, Table 3
7.45pm - Neil McFaul 3-4 Ali Wilson
8.45pm - Paul Henderson w/o Tyler McConnell
Table Final
Ali Wilson 4-2 Paul Henderson

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Results from Tuesday 5th March

League Week 15

Galacticos 6-8 Scorpions
HM&H 7-7 Trojans
Dragons 11-3 Colts
Tigers 10-4 Cockweasels
Vikings 10-4 Alpha

Player of the Year table - Full table on LeagueAppLive

Thursday, 21 February 2019

League Open Individual Draw


In the photo - Darren Whiteside our 2018 League Individual Winner. Darren starts the defence of his title against Dragons cueist Gareth Fears in Whitehead and there are many other mouth watering ties to keep your eyes on. Full draw and venues below.

All matches Races to 4. Times players need to be available from listed below. All players only play one match on the night. Players with Byes have no match.

Eastway, Rathcoole 
Robert Henderson v Bye
Craig Laughin 4-3 Andy McMeekin (8.00pm)
Jean McIlroy v Bye
Johnny Mackay w/o Steven Simpson (9.00pm)

Greenisland WMSC, Table 2
Steven Carson v Bye
Mick Wilson 4-2 Derek Whiteside (8.00pm)
Tyler McKee v Bye
Kenny English 4-3 Tristen Scott-Heyes (9.00pm)

Times Bar, Belfast
Ryan Barry v Bye
Gary Wallace 4-3 Lee McIlreavey (7.30pm)
Colin Rafferty 3-4 Paul Roberts (8.30pm)
Alex Devenny 0-4 Harry Warwick (9.30pm)

Monkstown SC
Dave Allen v Bye
Trevor Whiteside 4-2 Paul Kerr (7.30pm)
Gee Crawley w/o Thomas Kidd (8.30pm)
Alan Johnston 4-0 Paul Watters (9.30pm)

Whitehead GRSC, Table 1
Rab Butler v Bye
William McCann 1-4 Ed McDowell (7.30pm)
Gareth Fears 2-4 Darren Whiteside (8.30pm)
Thomas Fleming w/o Robert Hawkins (9.30pm)

Greenisland WMSC, Table 1
Aaron Watters v Bye
Matt Thompson 1-4 Aaron Leslie (7.30pm)
Chris Hobson 1-4 Aaron Rolston (8.30pm)
Joe Patton 4-0 Gordy McCormick (9.30pm)

McConnells Bar, Doagh
Colin Beckinsale v Bye
Andy Galloway 1-4 Kyle Kirkwood (7.30pm)
John Holland 4-3 Michael Wilson (8.30pm)
Chris Strain 4-2 Andy Arbuthnot (9.30pm)

Whitehead GRSC, Table 3
Paul Henderson v bye
Tyler McConnell w/o Mervyn McIlvenny
John Fulton 3-4 Neil McFaul (7.30pm)
Ali Wilson 4-2 Ryan Scott (8.30pm)

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

League Ladies Individual Draw

The draw has been made for our Ladies Individual for 2019. Our 2018 Winner Roisin Smith (left in the picture with Runner Up Sara Greenberg) starts her defence off with a tough match against Angie Willis from Alpha Pool Team. Good luck to all participants.

Played to a finish in Greenisland WMSC on Saturday 6th April from 1.00pm

PRELIM (Race to 4)
1/ Sara Louise Graham v Jean McIlroy

Winner Prelim 1 v Lyndsey Ruddock
Angie Willis v Roisin Smith
Lynn Carson v Sara Greenberg
Angie Carson v Clare Roberts

SEMI FINALS (Race to 5)

FINAL (Race to 6)

League Masters (Over 50s) Individual Draw

See below the draw for our League 2019 Masters Individual which will take place on Tuesday 2nd April. 2018 Winner Robert Hawkins (pictured) starts his trophy defence against Trojan team mate John Holland. The event will be played in two venues down to a venue winner, the two venue winners will contest the Final, date TBC.

PRELIMS (Races to 4)
Whitehead GRSC
1/ Robert Hawkins v John Holland (7.30pm, Table 1)
2/ Glen Colwell v Joe Patton (7.30pm, Table 2)
3/ Alan Johnston v Davy Montgomery (7.30pm, Table 3)

Whitehead GRSC
Winner Prelim 1 v Winner Prelim 2 (8.30pm, Table 1)
Winner Prelim 3 v Jean McIlroy (8.30pm, Table 3)
Greenisland WMSC
Girvan Fleming v Gordon McCormick (8.00pm, Table 1)
Kenny English v Stephen Hamilton (9.00pm, Table 2)

SEMI FINALS (Races to 5)
1. Whitehead GRSC
2. Greenisland WMSC

FINAL (Race to 6) Date & venue TBC)

League Seniors (Over 40s) Individual Draw


We will be using 8 tables, in 6 venues for our 28 players.
Tables 1, 2, 3 & 4 start first match at 8.00pm (as they all have a bye each).
Tables 5, 6, 7 & 8 start first match at 7:30pm.
Second match players to be at venue available to start by 8:30pm.
£5 per player prior to starting matches (one nominee per venue to collect fees).
All races in these rounds are to 4.
Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2.
All tables play to a Winner to leave 8 Seniors standing at the end of the night.

In the photo - 2018 Winner, Andy McMeekin (Hit Men & Her)

John Holland v Bye
Gee Crawley 4-0 Glen Colwell
Table Final
John Holland 4-0 Gee Crawley
Whitehead Table 1
Kenny English v Bye
Robert Hawkins 4-1 Harry Warwick
Table Final
Robert Hawkins 4-1 Kenny English
Whitehead Table 3
Mick Wilson v Bye
Jean McIlroy void Paul Harris
Table Final
Jean McIlroy 0-4 Paul Harris
Greenisland Table 1
Paul Henderson v Bye
Paul Kerr 4-0 Dave Allen
Table Final
Paul Henderson 0-4 Paul Kerr
Alex Devenney 2-4 Andy McMeekin
Derek Whiteside 1-4 Andy Arbuthnot
Table Final
Andy McMeekin 4-2 Andy Arbuthnot
Greenisland Table 2
Joe Patton 4-0 Gordy McCormick
Marty Goudie 4-1 Gary Fitsimmons
Table Final
Joe Patton 0-4 Marty Goudie
Time Bar
Darren Whiteside 4-1 Chris Hobson
Alan Johnston 3-4 Tucker Kidd
Table Final
Darren Whiteside 4-0 Tucker Kidd
Rab Butler 4-1 Robert Henderson
Aaron Leslie 2-4 Michael Wilson
Table Final
Rab Butler 4-2 Michael Wilson

Monday, 18 February 2019

Our condolences

The Committee of Carrick & District Pool League would like to pass on our condolences to Girvan Fleming (Cockweasels) and Thomas Fleming (Vikings) on the passing of their father and grandfather respectively.

Our thoughts are with you and the family circle at this sad time.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

League Doubles Final

Congratulations to both Teams who came through their heats and have made it to the League Doubles Final

Scorpions duo Darren Whiteside & Lee McIlreavy and Gareth Fears & Gee Crawley of Doagh Dragons will play off in the Times Bar, North Belfast on Monday 25th March with an 8.00pm kick off. to determine who will be our 2019 Champions

Good luck to all.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

League Doubles Quarter Finals draw


Whitehead Rangers Club (8.00pm start)

Table 1
Gary Wallace & Neil McFaul V Gareth Fears & Gee Crawley
Table 3
Stephen Hamilton & Gary Fitzsimmons V Girvan Fleming & Thomas Fleming

Greenisland WMSC (8.00pm start)

Table 1
Gordon McCormick & Glenn Colwell V Darren Whiteside & Lee McIlreavy
Table 2
Trevor Whiteside & Paul Harris V Ryan Scott & Aaron Rolston

All matches are Best of 7
Both venues played to a finish to give us our Final (Best of 9) which will be played in The Times Bar, Belfast (Date TBC).

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Results from Tuesday 5th February

League Fixture 14

Scorpions 4-10 Dragons
Trojans 8-6 Tigers
Cockweasels 2-12 vikings
Alpha 3-11 Galacticos
Colts 8-6 HM&H

Player of the Year Table at 6th February
Full table on League App Live

Just a reminder that for this season the Player of the Year title will be won by the player who has most points after his/her losses are deducted from his wins

Monday, 4 February 2019

Doubles pairings down to the Last 8

Congratulations to the players below on making it through to the last 8 of the League Doubles:

1. Girvan Fleming and Thomas Fleming
2. Gordon McCormick and Glenn Colwell
3. Darren Whiteside and Lee McIlreavy
4. Aaron Rolston and Ryan Scott
5. Trevor Whiteside and Paul Roberts
6. Gareth Fears and Gee Crawley
7. Gary Fitzsimmons and Stevie Hamilton
8. Neil McFaul and Gary Wallace

Best of luck lads

Thursday, 24 January 2019

League Doubles Draw Stage 1





Match 1 - G.Fleming & T.Fleming V Bye
Match 2 - Bye V Bye

Match 1 - G.McCormick & G.Colwell V Bye
Match 2 - G.Burns & A.Galloway V J.Holland & C.Strain

Match 1 - J.Fulton & S.Simpson V Bye
Match 2 - G.Wallace & N.McFaul V E.McDowell & A.Arbuthnot

Match 1 - R.Scott & A.Rolston V C.Hobson & R.Barry
Match 2 - K.English & R.Hawkins V A.Wilson & K.Kirkwood

Match 1 - T.Whiteside & P.Roberts V P.Watters & A.Watters
Match 2 - S.Carson & T.Scott-Heyes V H.Warwick & D.Allen

Match 1 - S.McAlister & R.Butler V S.Hamilton & G.Fitzsimmons
Match 2 - D.Flanagan & D.Montgomery V T.McKee & M.Thompson

Match 1 - J.Patton & T.Kidd V Darren Whiteside & L.McIlreavy
Match 2 - C.Laughlin & T.McConnell V M.McIlvenny & P.Kerr

Match 1 - G.Fears & G.Crawley V Bye
Match 2 - P.Henderson & R.Henderson V A.McMeekin & M.McMeekin


- Played to Normal Doubles format (not scotch doubles)

- No conferring between visits once a player has commenced (i.e. approached and touched the table). Exception to this is after opening break shot when players can confer.

- A player from each team shall lag only once to decide breaking order for whole match

- Alternate team breaks only (not individual players)

- If a player plays out of turn it is a foul resulting in one free shot and one visit to their opponents

- Players late for match start time lose a frame and then another every 5 minutes thereafter

- 1 minute "Shot Clock" may be introduced at any time if deemed necessary by TD


Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Galacticos win the Cup

Congratulations to Greenisland Galacticos who tonight, Tuesday 22nd January, won the Carrick & District Pool League Knock Out Cup Final. The match was played in The Times Bar, North Belfast and Galacticos opponents were Cup holders Hit Men & Her from Monkstown SC who put up a gallant effort but eventually went down 8-5 to Derek Whiteside's team. Frame winners below, Galacticos in red. Many thanks to our League sponsor The Times Bar for hosting the event.

01. Andy McMeekin
02. Gary Wallace
03. Shaun McAlister
04. Rab Butler
05. Sara Greenberg
06. Trevor Whiteside
07. Paul Henderson
08. Neil McFaul
09. Rab Butler
10. Rab McMaw
11. Shaun McAlister
12. Andy McMeekin
13. Trevor Whiteside

Monday, 21 January 2019

Deepest Sympathies

Deepest sympathies to Scorpions Pool Team's Jonny Johnston who's mother, Mary passed away suddenly this weekend.

The committee, delegates and the rest of the league are thinking about you and your family at this difficult time.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Results from Tuesday 15th January

League Week 13

Alpha 1-13 Scorpions
Galacticos 12-2 Cockweasels
Hit Men & Her 4-10 Dragons
Vikings 6-8 Trojans
Tigers 10-4 Colts

POTY Table at 16th January (Full table on LeagueAppLive)

Justr a reminder that for this season the Player of the Year title will be won by the player who has most points after his losses are deducted from his wins

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Doagh Dragons move 4 clear at the top

Dragons V Tigers
There was no Christmas or New Year hangover for the Dragons as they picked up where they left off with a demolition of the Tigers to remain the only unbeaten team in the Carrick & District Pool League sponsored by Times Bar.They won both sessions 6-1. Best for Dragons were Kyle Kirkwood, Gee Crawley, Gareth Fears, Aaron Leslie and Michael Wilson all 2/2. Best for Tigers were John Fulton & Alan Corrigan both 1/3. Final score Dragons 12-2 Tigers.

Colts v Vikings
Colts knew this would be a tough fixture. Back in October they raced to a 1-6 lead only to finish 7-7. T Kidd got the Colts off to a winning start beating new signing, Alan Johnston with great potting.
Colts thought they were going two up with another great clearance from J Patton but he went in-off on the Black giving A Rolston the win and momentum to the Vikings, who raced into a 1-3 lead with wins for Ryan Scott& Tommy Fleming.Colts hit back with three of the own William Mccann, Paul Watters & J Patton to lead 4-3 at the break.
Soon Colts were 6-3 up before wins for Vikings Captain R Scott & A Johnston brought the Score back to 6-5. J Patton & A Watters made sure the Colts took all three points. T Kidd & R Scott both on Hat tricks. Captain Scott looking for a bonus point, hung his last ball over the corner pocket. T Kidd took out a great finish to deny the Vikings and complete his hat trick.
Final Score: Colts 9-5 Vikings

Cockweasels V Alpha
Alpha pool team got off to a great start in the first half leading 5.2. Michael Lowry setting the tone with a b/d in the first frame. The half time team talk from Gordon McCormick worked wonders for the Cockweasels. They won six of the next seven frames to pip Alpha to the victory. Final Score Cockweasels 8 Alpha 6

Trojans V Galacticos
Galacticos visited the Whitehead Trojans. Trojans got off to a good start and took 3 of the first 4 frames. After another few hard fought battles Trojans finished the first session 4-3 up. It was definitely a night for the grinders! Pretty soon the match was on a knife edge at 5-5. Trojans moved 7-5 up after Andrew Arbuthnot and Kenny English wins. The points were all still to play for. Gary Wallace made it 6-7 taking frame 13 to guarantee the bonus point at the very least. Up stepped evergreen, Kenny English for the last frame. A win or a draw rested in the hands of the ‘Special One’. All Paul Harris could do then was watch, while big Kenny mopped them up to claim a good break and dish. Final score Trojans 8-6 Galacticos

Scorpions V Hitmen & Her
The Monkstown team had a fire in their bellies as they won 4 out of the first five frames with wins for Andy McMeekin, Mark Mcmeekin, Rab Mcmaw and Robert Henderson. Scorpions dug deep with wins for Paul Kerr, Lee Hatchet Mcilreavy and Colin Rafferty. 3-4 at the interval. Lee McIlreevy levelled at 4-4 before Paul Henderson and Sara Greenberg put the Hitmen and her on the hill for a bonus point (at the very minimum) at 4-6. Mervyn Mcilvenny and Lee McIlreevy brought the Scorpions back to level again at 6-6. Paul Kerr put Scorpions ahead for the first time in the match and Captain Colin Rafferty secured the three points in one of the league champions hardest fought victories. This result saw Scorpions leapfrog Galacticos into second place in the league. Final score Scorpions 8-6 Hitmen & Her.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Results from Tuesday 8th January

League Week 12 Results - Tuesday 8th January

Colts 9-5 Vikings
Dragons 12-2 Tigers
Scorpions 8-6 Hit Men & Her
Trojans 8-6 Galacticos
Cockweasels 8-6 Alpha

League Week 13 Fixtures - Tuesday 15th January

Alpha V Scorpions
Galacticos V Cockweasels
Hit Men & Her V Dragons
Vikings V Trojans
Tigers V Colts

Player of the Year table at 9th January 2019
Full table on LeagueAppLive

Friday, 28 December 2018

Carrick League New Years Day Subway Shield

The New Year’s Day Subway Shield was another great day out!
Two groups of 7 battled it out for the top 4 spots.
The 4 that got through were John McClean and Gary Wallace and Paul Harris and Christopher Strain.
Cujo, who is no stranger to a New Year’s Day final put big Gromit out and in the other semi final Chris Strain managed beat Paul Harris.

The final was a long, drawn out affair with both players finding good quality pool in the race to 3. Fair play to Cujo for calling a foul on himself that nobody saw to let Chris take the title. Always a true sportsman and good ambassador for the game. 👏👏👏 Both players had a good battle!

Massive thanks as always go to the Greenisland Club and to Alan for the lovely pot of stew! Of course Subway, SKC Gaming and the club also did their bit by providing platters for throughout the proceedings and the £300 bonus prize pot.

Happy New Year everyone and here’s to a great 2019 with many more B&Ds to be had!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Xmas transfer and new signings window

The Xmas transfer and new signings window is now open from 19th December to 8th January.

Any business must be approved by our League Committee, please inform them immediately once it is known

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Results from Tuesday 18th December

League Week 11

Alpha 1-13 Trojans
Cockweasels 3-11 Scorpions
Galacticos 12-2 Colts
Tigers 3-11 Hit Men & Her
Vikings 6-8 Dragons

Tuesday 1st January - Greenisland WMSC
Subway Shield

League Week 12 Fixtures - Tuesday 8th January 2019

Colts V Vikings
Dragons V Tigers
Scorpions V Hit Men & Her
Cockweasels V Alpha
Trojans V Dragons

Player of the Year table after 11/18 Fixtures
Full table on LeagueAppLive (site name - Carrick)

Monday, 17 December 2018

Result from Monday 17th December

Re-arranged League Fixture

Trojans 8-6 Scorpions

Scorpions lost their unbeaten League record when they travelled down to Whitehead to play Trojans in this re-arranged League Fixture. It had all looked good for the League Champions early doors as they raced into a 2-0 lead but Tristan Scott-Heyes' hosts fought hard and led 4-3 at the interval. The first two racks of the second session were shared but Trojans then won three on the bounce with Steeky Carson winning the all important twelfth to secure the win and an important three points. Scorpions took the last two frames to register a bonus point but it's a severe setback in their attempt to regain their title. Best on the night were Ed McDowell (Trojans) and the visitors Captain Colin Rafferty both with fine hat tricks.

League fixtures for Tuesday 18th December

Alpha V Trojans
Cockweasels V Scorpions
Galacticos V Colts
Tigers V Hit Men & Her
Vikings V Dragons

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Results from Tuesday 11th December

League Week 10

Dragons 7-7 Galacticos
Trojans 11-3 Cockweasels
Colts 10-4 Alpha
HM&H 9-5 Vikings
Scorpions 11-3 Tigers

Dragons hosted the Greenisland Galacticos in the ‘top of the table clash’ at McConnels of Doagh.
Local cue stars Alistair Wilson, Aaron Leslie and Stephen Herron got the Dragons off to a solid start. Galacticos hit back with wins for Gab Butler, Marty Goudie Neil McFaul and Shaun McAlister to lead 3-4 at the interval. Aaron Leslie, Alistair Wilson and Kyle Kirkwood took the next 3 frames for the dragons. Gab Butler hit back and Aaron Leslie (hat trick) put the Dragons ‘on the hill’ at 7-5. Shaun McAlister brought it back to 7-6. With a smell of manure in the country air up stepped Galactico’s Gary Wallace, due to win one, escaping from a snooker and fluking the black ball to share the points. Dragons 7-7 Galacticos

Scorpions hosted the Tigers in the Times bar Derby
Darren Whiteside and Lee McIlreavey put the scorpions 2-0 ahead before Alan Corrigan kept the tigers in touch. Darren Whiteside and Paul Kerr soon made it 4-1. Tiger's Steven Simpson took the next and Colin Rafferty made it 5-2 at the interval. Darren Whiteside took the next (hat trick) before Alan Corrigan kept the Tigers hopes alive at 6-3. Scorpions charged over the winning line with wins for Paul Kerr, Colin Rafferty, Lee McIlreavey, Paul Kerr, with a sublime 'cocked hat' black (hat trick) and captain Colin Rafferty (hat trick) made it 11-3 for the Scorpions.

Trojans hosted Cockweasels in the Whitehead Derby
A solid performance from the Trojans saw them winning with a 13-3 scoreline. Star men were Andrew Arbuthnot and Robert Hawkins each getting a hat trick of frames.

Colts hosted Alpha:
T Kidd gave the home side an early lead Alpha hit straight back with wins for Mark Kitson and Angie Carson. Colts swiftly replied with four frames on the bounce to take a 5-2 lead with wins for A Watters, D Allen, P Watters & J Patton. Alpha’s M Kitson took the first frame after the interval. Colts hit another four frame burst wins for the Watters Brothers Aaron & Paul, J Patton and H Warwick. M Kitson (hat trick) got Alpha’s fourth frame. In the last frame was won by Colts’ Aaron Watters (hat trick) Colts 10-4 Alpha.

Hitmen and Her had a convincing 9-5 win over Vikings. Star men were Paul and Robert Henderson winning 3/3 and 2/2 for the Hitmen and Her and Ryan Scott 3/3 for Vikings.

League Week 11 Fixtures - Tuesday 18th December

Alpha V Trojans
Cockweasels V Scorpions
Galacticos V Colts
Tigers V HM&H
Vikings V Dragons

"Player of the Year" table at 12th December
Full table on LeagueAppLive

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Results from Tuesday 4th December

Knock Out Cup Semi Finals
Hit Men and Her 8-6 Scorpions
Dragons 6-8 Galacticos

Hit Men & Her are finally showing the form we know they are capable of after a slow start to this season. And they are determined to regain the Knock Out Cup after a superb Semi Final win against League Champions The Scorpions in Monkstown SC. Scorpions led 6-5 but Hit Men held their nerve to win all of the final three frames, Andy McMeekin sending them into the Final with the all important win in Frame 14.

Unbeaten League leaders Doagh Dragons lost their first match of the season in their Semi Final against Greenisland Galacticos. Like Hit Men & Her, Galacticos trailed 5-6 with three to play, but up stepped Neil McFaul with two wins and Shaun McAlister with one to send Derek Whiteside's team into the Final of the Knock Out Cup

Colts 8-6 Times Tigers

Greenisland Colts climb to fourth in the League table after a narrow 8-6 home win over Times Tigers in this re-arranged League fixture. the match swayed to and fro the whole way up to 6-6 before Joe Patton and Thomas Kidd gave the hosts all three points by winning the last two racks. Tigers earned a bonus point for scoring six.

League Fixture 1011th December 2018
Hit MenvVikings

Monday, 3 December 2018

Results from Monday 3rd December

Re-arranged League Fixture
Scorpions 10-4 Vikings

The postponed match (due to three Scorpion players representing Northern Ireland at the World Blackball Pool Championships) took place last night, between the league Champions, The Scorpions and The Vikings.
Scorpions Vice-Captain, Mervyn McIlvenny took the first frame. Darren Whiteside broke the next and the black balanced over the corner pocket, surrounded by yellows. Ian McCalmont potted red balls and after some time, eventually the frame was re-racked. The next lag was also re-racked before Darren Whiteside put the Scorpions 2 up with a clinical finish. Lee McIlreavy made it 3 with a much swifter frame. Vikings dug deep and Thomas Fleming, Ryan Scott and Ian McCalmont drew level at 3-3. A swift break and dish from Lee McIlreavy put the Scorpions narrowly ahead at the interval. The second half began the same as the first with wins for Mervyn McIlvenny, Darren Whiteside and Paul Kerr. Lee McIlreavy’s hat trick secured the points before Mervyn’s hat trick and Paul Kerr’s second win of the night. Tyler McKee took the final frame for the Vikings.

Knock Out Cup Quarter Final
Davy Flanagan won the first frame for Tigers. Dragons won the next 8 with wins for Michael Wilson, Ali Wilson and Craig Laughlin all 2/2.

Fixtures for Tuesday 4th December

Knock Out Cup Semi Finals
Hit Men and Her V Scorpions
Dragons V Galacticos

Colts V Times Tigers

POTY (updated 4th December)
Full table on LeagueAppLive

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Results from Tuesday 27th November

League Week 9

Trojans P-P Scorpions
Tigers 5-9 Vikings
Hit Men & Her 7-7 Galacticos
Dragons 10-4 Alpha
Colts 7-7 Cockweasels

Fixture for Monday 3rd December
Knock Out Cup Quarter Final

Dragons V Tigers

Fixtures for Tuesday 4th December
Knock Out Cup Semi Finals

Hit Men & Her V Scorpions
Dragons or Tigers V Galacticos