Tuesday, 24 February 2015

League Results from Tuesday 24th February

Greenisland Colts 0-14 Swift
Doagh Weapons 6-8 Greenisland Galacticos
Eastway 2-12 Whitehead Spartans
Greenisland WMSC 6-8 Hit Men & Her
Whitehead Trojans 7-7 Warriors
Scorpions 13-1 Alpha
Cowboys 11-3 Teddy Bears

Match of the week took place in Doagh with the Weapons playing host to the Champions Greenisland Galacticos.  Stephen Herron got the hosts off to a winning start, taking out local favourite Johnny Mackay. Northern Ireland Men’s B1 manager, Trevor Whiteside, got the visitors back on level terms with a fine clearance against player of the year contender, Rab McCullough, thus setting the scene for a very high level of pool from both teams. Wayne Lewis got his name on the board before Steve & Chris Carson put the champion’s noses in front, Steve with a break and finish. Weapons manager Tyler McConnell was described as having the white ball on a string as he levelled the match at 3 each, Johnny Mackay ground out the last of the first session with Wayne Lewis to take the session 4-3. After the break Rab McCullough levelled things up again before Trevor Whiteside finished his evening’s work and John McClean opened his account, taking the visitors 2 clear. Weapons talisman, big Iain from Spain, got himself off to a flyer to keep the hosts in touch and Galactico Johnny Mackay had a repeat of the first frame, this time with the result being reversed to put the visitors on the hill. Rab McCullough broke and cleared to give his team a chance of a point, however Steve Carson kept his cool to take out a fine finish in the last to take the match 8-6. Best for the hosts Rab McCullough 2/3 and for the visitors Steve Carson 2/3, Trevor Whiteside 2/3 & Johnny Mackay 2/3.
Champions Elect, The Swift, travelled to take on the Greenisland Colts.  The hosts, buoyed by their draw with the champions last time out, quickly realised this was to be an entirely different match. Paul Roberts’ players ran amok with clearance after clearance.  However there were a few chances on offer that will be taken in the future as this promising young team continue to gain experience. Dee Irwin, armed with his reworked cue, added his eighth straight hat-trick, Rab Butler got back to winning ways with a well taken hat-trick of his own and, not to be out done, new boy Craig Crawley got in on the act to make it a hat-trick of hat-tricks for the team. Paul Roberts & Andy Arbuthnot completed the demolition with 2/2 to take the match 14 without reply.
Second  placed Scorpions continued this week’s league demolition theme as they destroyed visitors, The Alpha 13-1. Darren Whiteside corrected his recent form getting back onto the hat-trick trail joined by Paul Kerr.  Mervyn McIllvenny, with a rare hat-trick opportunity, took the chance by the horns to make it 3 hat-tricks for the hosts. Davy Montgomery completed the evening’s work with 2/2. Johnny Blair registered for the visitors.
Fourth placed Hitmen & Her travelled to take on The Greenisland Workings Men’s Club.  With third placed Weapons playing hard opposition, the Monkstown team were looking to close the gap to 1 point. Manager Glen Burns and Rab Brown put the hosts 2 ahead and things were looking good but it wasn’t to be as the Hitmen ran out the next 6 frames in a row. After the break the trio of Andy Galloway, Joe Patton and Glen Burns got the home team back in the match within 1 of the visitors. However a very patient frame from Andy McMeekin put his team on the hill and completed another fine hat-trick followed up with a well taken clearance from Paul Henderson, which included a half table swerve on his last yellow, made sure of the points for the Hitmen & Her. Best for the hosts Joe Patton 2/3 & Glen Burns 2/3 and for the visitors Paul Henderson 2/3 & Mark McMeekin 2/3.
The Eastway played host to The Whitehead Spartans, the visitors with a now well bedded-in team ran out both session 6-1 with hat-tricks for manager Robert Hawkins and Stephen Johnston. Lee Topping scored a well taken pair that included a break and finish and William Irvine & Kenny English completing the evening with 2/3.
The Cowboys travelled the short distance to take on the Teddy Bears.  Pete McCaffery & Tom Legget turned on the style with well taken hat-tricks, Marty Goudie & birthday boy Allan Corrigan each with fine pairs. Manager Hugh McMurtry continues to give young players a chance with Jack McMurtry following up Reece McMurtry’s cameo last time out with a well taken 1 of his own. For the hosts Stewart Kelly’s good form continued with a tasty break and finish.
The Whitehead Trojans played host to their nearest league rivals the Warriors and it didn’t look too good as the visitors reached the break 5-2 up. Some say these guys should rename themselves the Whitehead Grinders as they never gave up and got themselves right back into the match. With the Warriors on the hill Trojan Girvan Fleming held his nerve to take the last and complete his hat-trick - yet another comeback for the Whitehead lads. Also for the hosts Stevie Hamilton 2/3 and for the visitors Gee Crawley with a well taken hat-trick, Tucker Kidd 2/3 & Stewart Lennon 2/3

League Fixtures for Tuesday 3rd March
Swift v Doagh Weapons
Greenisland Galacticos v Eastway
Whitehead Spartans v Greenisland WMSC
Hit Men & Her v Cowboys
Warriors v Greenisland Colts
Alpha v Whitehead Trojans
Teddy Bears v Scorpions

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

League Results from Tuesday 17th February

Swift 8-6 Whitehead Trojans
Greenisland Galacticos 7-7 Greenisland Colts
Whitehead Spartans 8-6 Doagh Weapons
Hit Men & Her 9-5 Eastway
Greenisland WMSC 5-9 Cowboys
Warriors 5-9 Scorpions
Alpha 5-9 Teddy Bears

Champions the Greenisland Galacticos were hoping for a relaxing evening with new boys and stable mates, The Greenisland Colts.  However, with the Greenisland Working Men’s Club also at home and cheering on every ball potted by Harry Warwick’s Colts in the first half, it was everything but relaxing.  The Colts soon found themselves in strange territory 4-nil up before Scott Hay kicked off a 4 frame burst for the hosts.  At 4 each both teams traded frames, with Chris Carson putting the champs on the hill.  It was left to Colin Beckinsdale to seal a well-deserved point for the new boys on the block. Best for the hosts T Whiteside 2/3 C Carson 2/3 and for the Colts N McCandless 2/2, D McCandless 2/3 and C Beckinsdale 2/3.
Table leaders The Swift played host to The Whitehead Trojans.  With the visitors on a fine run of results, this was going to be a tightly contested match.  However, with Dee Irwin taking over the team’s run for the Player of the year by putting together another well taken hat-trick, the Champions Elect were always in control, running out both sessions 4-3. Best for the hosts Gordon McCormack with a well taken pair and for the hosts C Gawley also 2/2.
The Scorpions, having dropped points last time out, were looking to take back control of second place as they travelled to take on Clare Roberts’ Warriors. The visitors took no prisoners in the first session taking a 5-2 lead into the break. A full strength Warriors got themselves back into the match taking the first 2 of the second half to get within 1.  With the next 2 frames traded, Scorpions trio of Mervyn McIllveny, Colin Rafferty and fiftieth Birthday boy Davey Montgomery made sure of the last 3 to take the match 9-5. Best for the hosts Jean McIlroy 2/2 & Stewart Lennon also 2/2 and for the visitors Paul Kerr with another well taken hat-trick and Colin Rafferty with a great pair.
The Doagh Weapons travelled to take on the Whitehead Spartans and maybe wished they hadn’t bothered as they went into the break 5 -2 down. Manager Tyler McConnell got things kicked off in the second half on his way to a fine hat-trick only for the hosts to run out the 3 frames they needed for the points, with the last 3 frames going the way of the visitors. Best for the hosts Michael Wilson 2/2, Kenny English 2/3 and William Irvine 2/3, Craig Laughlin with a cameo 1/1 for the visitors.
The Hitmen & Her travelled to take on the Eastway and put last week’s miss behind them.  However the fast starting Eastway took a 1 frame lead into the break and were looking to push on for the points. It wasn’t to be for the hosts as Paul Henderson, Robert Henderson, Andy McMeekin and Sara Greenberg all completed well taken braces to secure the points and the second session 6-1. Best for the hosts Trevor Greer 2/3.
A full strength Cowboys team travelled to take on The Greenisland Working Men’s Club and the strength showed as they ran out the first session 5-2 that included a tasty Break & finish from pool traveller Tom Legget to complete his double. The second half was much the same as Alan Corrigan and Pete McCaffery completed their doubles with a cameo 1 from manager Hugh McMurtry. Best for the hosts Andy Galloway 2/2 and a cameo from manager Glenn Burns.
The Teddy Bears, looking to be in contention for the Knockagh Cup this season, continued their recent run of form with session wins of 5/2 & 4/3 over the visiting Alpha thanks to an overdue but well taken hat-trick from young Stewart Kelly backed up with a well taken pair from Rolly McWilliams. Best for the visitors Jock McComb 2/2.

League Fixtures Tuesday 24th February
Greenisland Colts v Swift
Doagh Weapons v Greenisland Galacticos
Eastway v Whitehead Spartans
Greenisland WMSC v Hit Men & Her
Whitehead Trojans v Warriors
Scorpions v Alpha
Cowboys v Teddy Bears

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fixtures for Tuesday 10th February

Scorpions 4-10 Swift
Whitehead Trojans 2-12 Greenisland Galacticos
Greenisland Colts 5-9 Whitehead Spartans
Doagh Weapons 9-5 Hit Men & Her
Eastway 6-8 Greenisland WMSC
Teddy Bears 7-7 Warriors
Cowboys 11-3 Alpha

The Champions selected the Swift as a neutral venue to play The Whitehead Trojans due to table issues for the home team. The Galacticos with a strong team enjoyed their evening as they demolished their opponents 12-2.  Dean McDonagh got the party started with a cameo Hat-trick, Chris Carson 2/3 and Paul Harris, John McClean, Steve Carson all with 2 from 2.
Whitehouse Working Men’s Club played host to a match that up until a few weeks ago would’ve been marked by both managers.  However recent results for the Scorpions left this match as must win to keep hold of second place. Paul Roberts’ Swift machine were clinical, winning both sessions 5-2 to get another step toward the Title in their second season. Dee Irwin was on the hat-trick trail again backed up by doubles from Craig Crawley, Rab Butler and Andy Arbuthnot, Stuart McClean with a cameo 1. Best for the hosts Colin Rafferty 2/3
Third placed Doagh Weapons entertained The Hitmen & Her in a match both badly wanted to win. With the Weapons Manager Tyler McConnell away at The World Championships, Stephen Herron was drafted in as cover and the big lad didn’t disappoint with a well taken hat-trick, the last being a break and finish to secure the points. Talisman Iain Britton knocked in his now usual hat-trick, backed up with a fine pair from Jeff Moore. For the visitors it was looking good as Andy McMeekin opened his account with a break and finish, but with the hosts on them it was always an up-hill battle. Best for the visitors Andy McMeekin 2/2 & manager Robert Henderson also 2/2
The Spartans sitting in sixth travelled to take on new boys The Greenisland Colts, with league positions around them so tight the Whitehead men were looking to stay in the mix. Harry Warwick’s Colts kicked off the evening by taking the first 2 frames before Stephen Johnston kicked off a 7 frame burst that included a well taken hat-trick of his own.  With the remaining frames passed back and forth the 3 points headed back down the road to Whitehead. Kenny English kept himself in with a shout of the player of the year with another well taken hat-trick, Lee Topping completed business with a fine double.
Eastway played host to the Greenisland Working Men’s Club.  The visitors stole a point last time these teams played each other by winning the last 2. A tight match to say the least with the Greenisland lads taking a slim 1 frame lead into the break.  The second session saw both teams swopping frames again before the Eastway took the lead for the first time to go 6-5 up. Rab Brown completed his hat-trick to level things up with 2 to play. A major lesson in grinding by Andy Macky was backed up by a very well thought out frame of pool by Michael Lowry to secure all the points in a match that had draw written all over it. Ryan Whiteside for the hosts did his best by levelling things at 5 each to complete his hat-trick and Lee McCord with 2/2 to put their noses in front. Best for the visitors Andy Galloway 2/3 & Michael Lowry also 2/3.
The Cowboys played host to the Alpha, hoping to get themselves into the top 10 and the visitors looking to put an end to their poor run of results. A match played in a great atmosphere saw the Carrick lads put on the style, winning the first session 6-1 and the second 5-2. Pete McCaffery carried on his fine run with another well taken hat-trick backed up by Marty Goudie, Alan Corrigan and Roy McMurtry all with fine pairs. Manager Hugh McMurtry with a cameo and young Reece McMurtry with a well taken Cameo of his own. Angie Carson was the best for the second week in a row for the visitors with 2/3.
Frame difference was the only thing separating the Teddy Bears and The Warriors at the beginning of the evening and also at the end as both teams played out a 7 each draw. S Kelly and R McWilliams were the best for the hosts with 2/2 and Andy Lindsey with a cameo. With the visitors’ big guns misfiring it was left to the old guard of Tucker Todd and Stuart Lennon to secure a point both with a well taken pair.

League Fixtures for Tuesday 17th February
Swift v Whitehead Trojans
Greenisland Galacticos v Greenisland Colts
Whitehead Spartans v Doagh Weapons
Hit Men & Her v Eastway
Greenisland WMSC V Cowboys
Warriors v Scorpions
Alpha v Teddy Bears

Results from Tuesday 3rd February

Swift  9-5 Teddy Bears
Greenisland Galacticos 6-8 Scorpions
Whitehead Spartans 6-8 Whitehead Trojans
Hit Men & Her 12-2 Greenisland Colts
Greenisland WMSC 6-8 Doagh Weapons
Eastway 6-8 Cowboys
Warriors 9-5 Alpha

League leaders the Swift played host to The Teddy Bears, fresh from completing the double over the league champions last time out.  The hosts, without their steady hat-trick player Rab Butler, looked to have a match on their hands as they went into the break with a slim 1 frame lead. However the second half saw 1 half of the new league Doubles winners, Dee Irwin, compete his hat-trick backed up with fine braces from Kyle Kirkwood & Andy Arbuthnot to take the match 9-5
Second placed Scorpions had a tricky fixture as they travelled to take on the league champions The Greenisland Galacticos.  An unusually quiet atmosphere saw the hosts go into the break 4-3 up and looking good to put the last outing behind them. It wasn’t to be as the duo of Paul Kerr & Colin Rafferty completed well taken hat-tricks, with D Haddock with a calmly taken brace to take the second session 5-2 and the match 8-6, best for the hosts Chris Carson 2/2.
Over on the other table, third placed Doagh Weapons were looking to keep up the pressure on the Scorpions for second spot as they took on the hosts Greenisland Working Men’s Club.  With the exception of another Rab McCullough hat-trick, many of the frames could’ve gone either way. The visitors ran out both sessions 4-3 with manager Tyler McConnell bagging a well taken brace, best for the hosts Joe Patton 2/2 & Hugh Reagan 2/3.
The Whitehead derby looked to be a hard one to call as both teams have been enjoying a fine run of form.  The Trojans got off to a flyer as they took the first 4 frames before the experienced Spartans got going, taking the last 3 of the session. The second half was a tighter affair with the match going down to the wire, with The Trojans on the hill at 7-6 Girvan Fleming closed out the match 8-6 and made it 4 out of a possible 6 points for The Trojans this season against their stablemates. Best for the visitors T S Hays 2/3, S Hamilton 2/2, T McKee 2/2 and for the hosts S McWhirter 2/3 & K English 2/3.
The Warriors played host to The Alpha.  With the host’s nearest league rivals playing over on table 1 this was a must-win match. The visitors were hoping to put an end to a bad run of results and opened proceedings by taking the first.  However Clare Roberts’ players only dropped 1 more frame in the first session to go into the break 5-2 up. The second half saw Derek Baird complete a well taken hat-trick, helped along with fine braces from Gee Crawley and Tucker Todd to take the match 9-5, best for the visitors was Johnny Blair 2/3.
The Hitmen & Her continued their fine run as they destroyed new boys the Greenisland Colts 12-2. Sara Greenberg lead the assault with her 4th hat-trick of the season, Andy McMeekin put another together for the second week running and Paul Henderson, with what is becoming his own mandatory hat-trick, Manager Robert Henderson put the finishing touches with a well taken brace.
The Cowboys travelled to Rathcoole to take on the Eastway and got off to flyer, taking the first session 5-2 and looked to be cruising to victory. However the Eastway lads came back to level the match at 6 each before McMurtry brothers Roy and Hugh closed out the last 2 frames of the night to take the match 8-6. Pete McCaffery was the best of the evening with a fine hat-trick.

Monday, 2 February 2015

It's Irwin & McClean at the double

Congratulations to Dee Irwin and Stuart McClean who have just became Carrick & District League Doubles Champions 2014/2015. The duo who both play for League leaders Swift Bar, didn't have an easy path to victory disposing off Paul Roberts/Paul Kerr, Chris Carson/Steven Carson and Mervyn McIlvenny/Andy Galloway before defeating the formidable pairing of Rab Butler/Marty Goudie in the Final by a 5-3 scoreline.

In the photo
New Champions, Stuart McClean & Dee Irwin

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

League Doubles

Our annual League Doubles take place this Saturday 31st January in the Monkstown Social Club.

What - League Doubles
Where - Monkstown Social Club
When - Saturday 31st January
Time - 12 noon registration for a 12.30pm start
Cost - £10 per team
Criteria - Players must have played in a minimum of 3 League matches

In the photo
Last seasons winners Rab Brown & Tom McCorry with Runners Up Rab Butler and Derek Whiteside

Results from Tuesday 27th January

Alpha 1-13 Swift
Teddy Bears 8-6 Greenisland Galacticos
Scorpions 7-7 Whitehead Spartans
Whitehead Trojans 4-10 Hit Men& Her
Greenisland Colts 5-9 Greenisland WMSC
Doagh Weapons 8-6 Eastway
Cowboys 7-7 Warriors

Fixtures for Tuesday 3rd February
Swift v Teddy Bears
Greenisland Galacticos v Scorpions
Whitehead Spartans v Whitehead Trojans
Hit Men & Her v Greenisland Colts
Greenisland WMSC v Doagh Weapons
Eastway v Cowboys
Warriors v Alpha

Champions The Greenisland Galacticos travelled to Carrick to take on Dee McIlwaine’s Teddy Bears.  The visitors without a full team held their own going into the break 4-3 up. Despite hat-tricks from Chris Carson & John McClean, the visitors were unable to complete the remaining frames giving the Teddy Bears an 8-6 victory and securing the double over the Champions. Best for the host was C McCrea with a well taken hat-trick. League Leaders The Swift travelled to take on the Alpha and, with a gap opening at the top of the table, Paul Roberts’ men were leaving nothing to chance as they demolished the hosts 13-1 with a hat-trick from Rab Butler and well-taken braces from Dee Irwin, Kyle Kirkwood, Andy Arbuthnot and Stuart McLean.  Credit where it’s due, for the hosts Angie Carson taking a frame. The Whitehead Spartans travelled to Whitehouse to take on Johnny Thompson’s Scorpions.  With a fine run of form from both teams, this was set up to be another tight match. With the first 9 frames going either way, the Spartans pulled out a 2 frame lead to go 6-4 up before another Scorpion 3 frame burst put them on the hill at 7-6. Kenny English got his name on the score sheet for a share of the points in the last. Best for the hosts Paul Kerr with a well taken hat-trick & Colin Rafferty 2/3 and for the visitors S McWhirter 2/2 & S Johnston 2/3. The Cowboys played host to stablemates The Warriors and went into the break 4-3 up.  After the break Hugh McMurtry’s men won the first 3 to put themselves on the hill at 7-3. Clare Roberts’ team didn’t let their heads drop with Johnny Johnson completing his hat-trick to kick start a 4 frame come back to steal a share of the points. Best for the hosts Pete McCaffery with a well taken hat-trick and Marty Goudie with 2/3. The Doagh Weapons entertained The Eastway and took the first session 5-2.  The second half was a different matter with the Rathcoole lads getting themselves in with a shout of a share of the spoils only for talisman Iain Britton to claim the last and complete another hat-trick.  Rab McCullough added another of his own with the rest of the Weapons with a well taken brace. Best for the visitors Trevor Greer 2/2 and manager Davy Flanigan 2/3. Greenisland Colts played host to their stablemates The Greenisland Working Men’s Club, Glen Burns men raced into a 4-1 lead before the Colts took the last 2 of the session to go into the break trailing by 1.  Harry Warwick’s Colts took the first of the second half to level the match before GWMC got down to business to win the next five frames to win the match 9-5. Whitehead Trojans played host to the Hitmen and Her and were hoping last outing’s form would continue.  However, this was not to be the case as Paul Henderson got back onto the hat-trick trail, helped along with a rare Andy McMeekin hat-trick and manager, Robert Henderson with a well-taken brace took care of this match, winning 10-4.  Best for the hosts C Hobson 2/3.