Wednesday, 10 December 2014

League results from Tuesday 9th December

Whitehead Spartans 7-7 Swift
Cowboys 2-12 Greenisland Galacticos
Hit Men & Her 9-5 Warriors
Greenisland WMSC 9-5 Alpha
Eastway 8-6 Teddy Bears
Doagh Weapons 6-8 Scorpions
Greenisland Colts 6-8 Whitehead Trojans

The champions travelled for a dry run of their up-coming Knock Out Cup Final with Hugh McMurtry’s Cowboys. Galactico’s manager Derek Whiteside must be happy with his team’s performance as they ran out both sessions 6-1 with hat-tricks for Paul Harris, Trevor Whiteside, Chris Carson and Steven Carson with a brace. Best for the hosts Roy McMurtry 2/2. League leaders the Swift travelled to Whitehead to take on the Spartans in what was billed as a tricky match for the title contenders and they weren’t wrong as the hosts won the first 4 frames of the evening. Paul Robert’s men then ran out the next 5 frames to take the lead and, with both teams matching each other frame for frame, Spartans Manager Robert Hawkins took the last of the evening for a share of the points and the first dropped by the Swift. Best for the hosts S Johnston 2/3 & S McWhirter 2/3 and for the visitors R Butler 2/3. Over in Doagh the Weapons rolled out the heavy artillery for the travelling Scorpions.The first half was a tight affair with the visitors taking a slim 4-3 lead at the break.  In the second session Tyler McConnell’s lads took the first to level the tie and with a handy line up still to play they were feeling confident. However it was not to be, as the Scorpion lads took out the next 4 to secure the points and chill for the rest of the evening. Best for the hosts W Lewis 2/2 and for the visitors Darren Whiteside 2/3, P Kerr 2/3, M McIlvenny 2/3, C Rafferty 2/3. The Eastway played host to the Teddy Bears and, with their table completely refurbished, the Rathcoole lads took full advantage running out the first 5 frames and the session 5-2.  After the break the Teddy Bears got within contention only for Trevor Greer to complete his hat-trick and secure the points. Best for the hosts D Flanagan 2/3 and for the visitors T Boyd 2/2 The Hitmen & Her played host to Clare Roberts’ Warriors.  After taking on the champions and title contenders in recent weeks the Hitmen made the most of home advantage taking the sessions 5-2 & 4-3, Paul Henderson recorded yet another hat-trick, but not to be out done Andy McMeekin popped in a sweet hat-trick of his own, Sara Greenberg completed the evening with a well taken brace, best for the visitors Clare Roberts 1/1. The Greenisland Colts clocked in the nightshift as they played host to the Whitehead Trojans.  Given recent results the Whitehead lads ground out every frame and eventually   took both sessions 4-3 despite a Davy McCandless hat-trick. Best for the visitors  Connor McKinney 2/2 & T S Hays 2/3. Over on the other table Greenisland Working Men’s Club played host to the Alpha, with the visitors getting off to a great start.  The Greenisland lads had to dig deep to take the first session 4-3, the scoreline in the second 5-2 flattered the result as the Alpha made everyone work for their point. Best for the hosts A Galloway 3/3, G Burns 2/3 & J Patton 2/3 and for the visitors Johnny Blair 2/3.