Saturday, 20 April 2013

Whiteside storms to Carrick Individual title

Finalists - McAlister (left) and Whiteside

Congratulations to Trevor Whiteside. The Castle Pool Team player manager is the new 2013 Carrick & District League Individual Champion. From a strong field of 33 he rode his luck in a couple of the early rounds but as the Competition progressed he grew in confidence taking out some superb finishes to claim the crown. Its a win that gains Whiteside entry into the 2013 Northern Ireland Masters Championship to be played in June. Runner Up was Shaun McAlister who just couldn't reproduce his earlier form at the final hurdle. We also raised £81.12 on the day to go towards our nominated charity for the season, Snowflakes (Support group, for children with Autism)

T.Whiteside 3-0 A.Lyndsay

Round of 32
T.Whiteside 3-2 T.McCorry
C.Carson 3-2 A.McMeekin
S.McAlister 3-1 D.Lowe
D.McDonagh 3-0 C.Montgomery
E.McDowell 3-2 P.Harris
J.Patton 3-0 G.Jones
S.Carson 3-2 A.Arbuthnot
K.English 3-0 P.Roberts
Dk.Whiteside 3-2 H.McMurtry
J.Meredith 3-1 H.Regan
R.Brown 3-0 G.McCormick
S.McWhirter 3-1 S.Greenberg
M.Barr 3-1 R.Henderson
J.McIlroy 3-1 L.Ruddock
G.Crawley 3-0 P.Henderson
R.Hawkins 3-1 C.Webster

Round of 16
E.McDowell 3-0 R.Brown
S.McAlister 3-1 G.Crawley
Dk.Whiteside 3-2 M.Barr
R.Hawkins 3-1 D.McDonagh
C.Carson 3-0 J.McIlroy
S.Carson 3-1 S.McWhirter
T.Whiteside 3-2 J.Patton
K.English 3-0 J.Meredith

Round of 8
S.McAlister 3-2 E.McDowell
T.Whiteside 3-2 S.Carson
R.Hawkins 3-2 C.Carson
K.English 3-0 D.Whiteside

Semi Finals
T.Whiteside 4-0 R.Hawkins
S.McAlister 4-2 K.English

T.Whiteside (Castle) 5-0 S.McAlister (Rockers)