Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Brian Brady Memorial Results

Brian Brady

Top half
Quarter Finals
MSC Trojans 4-1 Greenisland
Rockers 4-1 HM&H
Spartans 4-3 Castle
Scorpions v Bye
Semi Finals
Rockers 4-0 Spartans
Scorpions 4-1 MSC Trojans

Bottom half
Quarter Finals
Whitehead Trojans 4-1 Alpha
Cowboys 4-3 Warriors
Eastway 4-0 Teddy Bears
Barbarians v Bye
Semi Finals
Whitehead Trojans 4-0 Eastway
Barbarians 4-1 Cowboys

Finals night will be held on Monday 13th May in Whitehead GRSC and the Semi Final draw is as follows -

Rockers v Scorpions
Whitehead Trojans v Barbarians

Brian Brady was a founder member of our pool league nearly 20 years ago. We hold his memory in the highest regard. He was not only a talented pool player and organiser but he was a leader and encouraged the players who were not as talented, or able as himself, to participate for the fun and love of the sport. Brian would approve of the innovative format of this competition. The top half of the league is drawn out against each other, as is the bottom half. This ensures that at least one team from the top and bottom half will be in the final.

Teams will consist of at least 5 players (although up to 12 registered players may be entered into the hat for the draw). Player’s names will be drawn out and randomly selected to play one single frame and /or one doubles frame. Format will be best of 7. Order of play will be: 3 singles, 2 doubles and 2 singles. Matches stop when a team reaches four.

Both venues play down until they have two teams only remaining. Those 2 teams will join the other 2 from the other venue for Finals night on Monday 13th May.

How to do the draw - All team players names on the night go into the hat. 5 are drawn out in order to play in the single frames. If a team has any names left in the hat they are drawn out to make up the doubles pairings. If the doubles pairings haven't been completed when there are no more names in the hat the original 5 singles players are put back in again and drew out one by one until doubles are complete.