Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Results from Tuesday 2nd May

Home & Away Cup Semi Finals (2nd Legs)
Pirates 3-8 Spartans (Spartans win 15-10 on aggregate)
Monkstown 3-10 Scorpions (Scorpions win 15-12 on aggregate)

Pirates 3-8 Spartans
Roy McMurtrys Pirates took the lead with a pinpoint finish from A.Moore. But Spartans dashed any thoughts of an upset with 7 on the trot through E.McDowell (2), S.McWhirter (2), K.English, S.Burns and D.Lowe. One of McDowell's finishes was a top drawer 8 ball clearance  followed closely by efforts from McWhirter and Burns. The hosts rallied with a double, Moore winning his 2nd and a precise finish from R.McMurtry. But Pirates who had a great 7-7 result in the away leg lost the frame and match when Lowe took advantage of 2 shots in Frame 11 to tap in his last colour and the black.

Home & Away Plate Semi Finals (2nd Legs)
Greenisland 0-4 Rockers (Rockers win 15-3 on aggregate)
Bees 9-5 Barbarians (Bees win 15-14 on aggregate after a Play Off Frame)