Wednesday, 4 May 2011


The 2010/11 Carrick & District Pool League Individual draw has thrown up some juicy ties. Defending champion Dee Irwin plays the in form Colin Montgomery Sr, old Spartan team mates Trevor Whiteside and Stephen McWhirter do battle and Castle pair Tom McCorry and Willie Morton meet.
The Competition will be played in Whitehead GRSC, the kitchen is open all day.

Prelims and 1st round matches are best of 5, with the Competition redrawn from the 2nd round onwards.

Players names in RED be available to play from 12:00noon
Players names in BLUE be available to play from 1:30pm
Players names in GREEN be available to play from 3:00pm

Best of luck to all participants


Prelim 1
Winner of Prelim 1
Ed McDowell v Stuart Lennon
v Glen Harrington

Prelim 2
Winner of Prelim 2
Joe McMurtry v Hugh Regan
v Andy Galloway

Prelim 3
Winner of Prelim 3
Lyndsey Ruddock v Derek Whiteside
v Glenn Russell

Prelim 4
Winner of Prelim 4
Trevor Whiteside v Stephen McWhirter
v William Morrison

Prelim 5
Winner of Prelim 5
Kenny English v Sara Greenberg
v Jonny Thompson

Prelim 6
Winner of Prelim 6
Adam Moore v Paul Roberts
v Steeky Carson

Prelim 7
Winner of Prelim 7
Tom McCorry v Willie Morton
v James Meredith

Prelim 8
Winner of Prelim 8
Michael Lowry v Paul Charles
v Andy Arbuthnot

Prelim 9
Winner of Prelim 9
Darren Whiteside v Rab Brown
v Clem Howard

Jean McIlroy

v Stephen Burns

Mary McCourt

v John McClean

Clare Webster

v Davy Montgomery

Roy McMurtry

v Robert Hawkins

Darren Lowe

v Sam Millar

Dee Irwin

v Colin Montgomery Sr

Richard Croft

v Chris Carson