Monday, 2 July 2018



Hi all.

As we enter the summer break with holidays pending and hopefully more of the great weather we’ve had lately, there is something for all C&DPL members to think about.

Our Secretary Robert Brown has stood down from Committee life. Rab was an excellent asset to the league and we can only be thankful for the time and effort that he put into keeping the League going.
Rather than leave it to the AGM to fill such an important post we are going to have an initial meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7th August in the Greenisland WMC to see if anyone would like to be considered for the position. 

Every League needs a good Secretary to exist and Rab has done a fantastic job bonding everything together whilst on the Committee. 

Hopefully someone can fill his shoes and the League can continue on next season.

Any questions for now please contact Tristan Scott-Heyes