Monday, 2 October 2017

Results from Monday 2nd October

Knockout Cup Prelims

Ball Breakers 7-8 Tigers (after Play Off Frame)
Galacticos 8-7 Trojans (after Play Off Frame)

If the rest of the CREATIVE TILES KNOCK OUT CUP is as half as exciting as these two Prelims then we are in for a treat. Both matches played in the Greenisland WMSC went the distance and both Play Off Frames ended dramatically. Davy Montgomery was the hero for Times Tigers as he won Frame 15 when his opponent unintentionally potted the black during the frame and for Galacticos it was Trevor Whiteside who steered his team through to the next round when his Trojan opponent potted both black and white. Great stuff, well done all four teams.

Draw for Knock Out Cup Quarter Finals - Tuesday 14th November

Tigers V Colts

Galacticos V Scorpions
Alpha V Dragons
Vikings V Hitmen & Her