Wednesday, 10 February 2016

2015-2016 Player of the Year

After the 18th league match played last night (9/2/16) the race for our Player of the Year crown is tighter than ever. With only 4 league matches left there are still a handful of people able to obtain the prestigious top spot. Good luck to all in the remaining matches. Current top 11 in no particular order are -

Robert Hawkins (Spartans)
Andrew McMeekin (HM&H)
Rab Butler (Swift)
Johnny Mackay (McConnells)
Paul Henderson (HM&H)
Paul Kerr (Scorpions)
Alan Corrigan (Spartans)
Brian Crilly (Swift)
Darren Whiteside (Scorpions)
Aaron Leslie (McConnells)
Mervyn McIlvenny (Scorpions)