Friday, 1 May 2015

Player of the Year

 As the league matches are now over we finally have a City Air Express Carrick & District Pool League Player of the the Year. Many players have found themselves on and off the Top 10 leader board over the season but well done to the players who have kept their form right to the end. Who has been crowned winner of this prestigious title will be revealed at the end of season Prizegiving on Friday 29th May at the Greenisland Working Mens Social Club along with 2nd and 3rd places.
In the meanwhile we will remind you who is in the running and give you places 11 - 20 who also deserve a round of applause. We will also reveal 10th to 4th place in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned.
Top 10 in no particular order
Robert McCullough (Doagh Weapons)
Chris Carson (Galacticos)
Dee Irwin (Swift)
Andrew McMeekin (HM&H)
Paul Kerr (Scorpions)
Paul Henderson (HM&H)
Darren Whiteside (Scorpions)
Robert Butler (Swift)
Gee Crawley (Warriors)
Kenny English (Spartans)

11th. Andrew Arbuthnot (Swift)
12th. Marty Goudie (Cowboys)
13th. Iain Britton (Doagh Weapons)
14th. Stephen McWhirter (Spartans)
15th. Kyle Kirkwood (Swift)
16th. Trevor Whiteside
17th. Johnny Mackay (Galacticos)
18th. Peter McCaffrey (Cowboys)

19th Colin Rafferty (Scorpions)
20th Paul Roberts (Swift)