Saturday, 24 May 2014

McCullough wins 2nd title in two days

Finalists - Paul Roberts (left)  & Rab McCullough

Well done to Rab McCullough. He has added the Carrick Players Championship to the Carrick League Individual title he won the previous evening. The Players Championship was played out in Whitehead Rangers Club on Saturday 24th May and results were as follows.

Rab McCullough 4-3 Lee Topping
Steven Carson 4-1 Rab Brown
Andy McMeekin 4-0 Hugh Regan
Last 16
Rab McCullough 4-0 Steven Carson
Shaun McAlister 4-2 Andy McMeekin
Kenny English 4-2 Andy Lindsay
Robert Hawkins 4-0 Clare Webster
Robert Henderson 4-1 Joe Patton
Paul Roberts 4-1 Mervyn McIlvenny
Chris Carson 4-0 Lyndsey Ruddock
Tristan Scott-Heyes 4-2 Angie Acheson
Last 8
Rab McCullough 4-2 Shaun McAlister
Robert Hawkins 4-1 Kenny English
Paul Roberts 4-2 Robert Henderson
Chris Carson 4-2 Tristan Scott-Heyes
Semi Finals
Rab McCullough 4-3 Robert Hawkins
Paul Roberts 4-0 Chris Carson
Rab McCullough 4-0 Paul Roberts