Sunday, 3 April 2011

Pyramids 4 and 5

The last 2 rounds of the Carrick & District Pool League Pyramid Competition were played out today, 3rd April  in Whitehead GRSC. Winners were Kenny English and Robert Hawkins. The line up is now complete for Final day which is on Sunday 17th April with a 1.30pm start. Last 16 draw as follows -

K.English v Runner Up of Prelim (P.Harris/ A.Galloway/ G.Jones/ M.Kane)
S.Greenberg v Darren Whiteside
M.Lowry v C.Webster
T.Whiteside v D.Irwin
J.McIlroy v M.McCourt
Derek Whiteside v J.Thompson
R.Hawkins v C.Maule
H.McMurtry v Winner of Prelim (P.Harris/ A.Galloway, G.Jones, M.Kane)

All matches including Final best of 5, draw carries through

Event 1 - Winner ~ TREVOR WHITESIDE
Event 2 - Winner ~ DARREN WHITESIDE
Event 3 - Winner ~ CHRIS MAULE
Event 4  - Winner ~ KENNY ENGLISH
Event 5  - Winner ~ ROBERT HAWKINS
Finals Day - Sunday 17th April 2011