Sunday, 17 April 2011

Irwin is top of the Pyramid

The 2nd annual Carrick Pool League Pyramid Competition has been won by Castle's Dee Irwin with Scorpions Captain Jonny Thompson, the Runner Up. Finals Day was played in Whitehead on Sunday 17th April with 16 qualifiers vying for the top prize. Results as follows -

Winner Dee Irwin (left) with Runner Up Jonny Thompso
K.English v Bye
S.Greenberg 3-1 Darren Whiteside
C.Webster 3-2 M.lowry
D.Irwin w/o T.Whiteside
M.McCourt 3-2 J.McIlroy
J.Thompson 3-0 Derek Whiteside
R.Hawkins 3-1 C.Maule
H.McMurtry 3-2 G.Jones

K.English 3-1 S.Greenberg
D.Irwin 3-1 C.Webster
J.Thompson 3-2 M.McCourt
H.McMurtry 3-1 R.Hawkins

D.Irwin 3-0 K.English
J.Thompson 3-0 H.McMurtry

D.Irwin 3-1 J.Thompson